Author: Shuei Kato

This is what we do everyday!! Restoration

Hi Retro Game Lovers,   This is Shuei from Retro Games Japan. In our office in Kremmling Colorado, we clean and refurbish old video games every day. We carefully inspect, clean, repair, restore, refurbish before list on our online store.  Some games are over 30 years old and we try to take good care of … Read more This is what we do everyday!! Restoration

Experiment #1: De-Yellowing RESULT

Hi this is Shuei. Here is the result from de-yellowing experiment. First photo is one from before experiment. As you can see most of consoles turns a lot whiter. This is what I learned from this experiment. SalonCare (solution) need to be applied much evenly to avoid blotchy spots. SalonCare does get dry after a … Read more Experiment #1: De-Yellowing RESULT

Experiment #1: De-Yellowing

Hi, this is Shuei. Today I decided to take my time to do de-yellowing experiment. As you may know this already, plastic of old console turns yellow over time.  This happens due to the chemical reaction. Plastic contains thing call BROMINE that reduce a plastic chance of catching fire. This Bromine and Sunlight cause the … Read more Experiment #1: De-Yellowing

Discover Lost Treasure!

Discover Lost Treasures! Hi, this is Shuei.  I am having really great day going through my random games. The other day I purchased about 300~400 random retro games in Japan. Those games are from several sellers in Japan and they were sold without taking many photos (which means I didn’t know what I was getting … Read more Discover Lost Treasure!

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