Going to visit Japan in August

Hi, this is Shuei.

I will be visiting Japan for 2 weeks from today (August 6th).  I will be seeing my family, friends and a supplier.

Also, I am planning to visit whole bunch of retro video game shops in my hometown, Tokyo, and Osaka.

If you got some requests for a certain games, please let me know.  I will do my best to get them for you.

I will be taking my older son “REO” and he will be my assistant on this trip.

Here is my bucket list in Japan for this trip.

  • Eat Sushi at both “Kaiten Sushi” (conveyor belt) and Counter only Sushi restaurant.
  • Eat “YAKINIKU” Korean BBQ.
  • Eat real Japanese Ramen at Red Lantern Food Stand.
  • Eat Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki in small restaurant in Osaka.
  • Eat Nikuman (Pork filled steamed bun) at convenience store (This is request from my wife.)
  • Drink Japanese micro brewed beers.
  • Visit many different retro game shops and find new suppliers for business.
  • Visit Akihabara and shop some action figures.
  • Hop on Double Decker bus in Tokyo.
  • Sing off at Karaoke Box.
  • Party with my hometown friends.
  • Visit Hot Springs.
  • Buy new Dragon Quest XI (I’m bringing 3DS console to play as well).
  • Take a bunch of cool photos.

Well, list goes on but I should stop here. Basically, I miss Japanese food!!  I am very excited!!  I will try to upload a blog once a day (I will do my best) so come back again.

Now we are at the airport and my son Reo got hold of my 3DS (I hope he will give it back to me soon…).


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