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    1. I purchased both Steam hearts and Magical Knight Rayearth from you and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Both games arrived in great condition and work fine! Look forward to doing more business with you soon!

    2. I just wanted to say thank you first of all for the awesome buy off of this site.
      I am weee3po on the other site and notices that its possible that you put both
      mobile suit gundam side story i and ii. I thought the prices where very affordabe
      considering the hard cover book styling of both cd-roms.
      I auto matically was searching at the bottum of the site just to find how to contact you
      and saw the section of not needing to be able to read japanese games games section.
      I thank for all this and find my order on the other site kind and generous.
      And thank you for this site so much. so far for americans its perfect.
      The only difficult part is getting a good site to view videos because some are rare of even absent.
      I sill stick the information of this site on my wall.
      Thank you all so much again. and I am very satisfied.

    3. Hello, I recently purchased Violinist of Hameln from you a few days ago, and it came in very quickly and it works great, thank you very much. I just have one question, is it possible for you to find a copy of Ghost Sweeper Mikami for the Super Famicom in the future? Just the cartridge is fine, I don’t need the box or instruction manual. Thank you very much, and I look forward to doing business with you again!

    4. Hello, I just realized you have your own Web site. I am very excited! I am a collector. I have made a few purchases on your ebay store. You have excellent business etiquette, so I would like to continue to patronize. I have recently inquired about a custom order. Is there any way to contact you via e-mail. Sorry I do not have Facebook or Twitter, I guess I am vintage myself. Joe

    5. Hi, that esmart for DS is for only training purpose for McDonald Japan and not available for sale. I did quick search in Japanese site but it seems like confidential and not available anywhere.
      Thank you.

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