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If you are a retro game lover, you are on the right site.

We cater to your gamer spirit to the fullest.

We mainly handle games that are imported from Japan directly.


Shipping – We ship from USA

We are based on Montrose, Colorado and everything will be shipped from here.

This means you will get your item(s) in 1 ~ 4 days after the shipment.

Currently we use USPS Ground Advantage Service with tracking number for most of our shipments.

We also use UPS Ground for items that are bigger and heavier.


Yes. Some of those retro games are very old.  But we test and clean every single item so that it will work when you receive it (unless we sell as “Untested”.). 

In case your item doesn’t work, please let us know within 30 days of arrival.  We will take full responsibility on non playable games or consoles.

Also, we try to take photos of details as much as we can so that you can expect exactly what you are receiving when you order.

Exception: We test our games on original consoles and we do not test them on emulators like RetroN system.  Some games are not playable on those emulators because they are not registered.  In this case, we can’t be responsible.

Backup Battery

A lot of games in Nintendo Famicom / NES, Super Famicom / Super Nintendo ,and Nintendo 64, you can save your game datas.  This is because game cartridge itself has a backup battery (Lithium Ion Battery) inside.  When the battery runs out, this saving function won’t work any more.

If you have third party console like Hyperkin RetroN 5, you can play and save without using backup battery. So it doesn’t matter whether backup battery is dead or not.  However, if you only have original console, having backup battery is very important to play and enjoy the game.

We do not guarantee the function of the backup battery since those games can be 10 ~ 20 years old. We do sell some games with new backup battery and we usually say it in the title and the description page.

Replacing backup battery is not so difficult and we will post how to do it later.

Also, we can replace it with new battery for you for a small cost.


  1. We, Retro Games Japan, are dedicated to refurbish and distribute old and vintage retro video gaming products in fair market prices. 
  2. We are dedicated to provide excellent customer service for our customers in professional manner. 
  3. As a business, Retro Games Japan is dedicated to provide fun, exciting, and fair workplace for our employees. 

About Owner

My name is Shuei.  I am a host and owner of this shop.  I grew up in Japan and currently live in US.

When I was about 6 years old, my dad bought me my first video game. That was old Nintendo with Super Mario Brothers.  I played so hard that my parents had to set a time limit on video game time.

I know there are so many new consoles and games out there.  But retro games still have its fun for all ages.

In my shop, I have mostly Japan Import game.  Japan Import means that most games are in Japanese. However, there are so many games that either you don’t need to know Japanese or simply written in English.

There are so many good games that were released in Japan but never introduced to USA.

Please take your time browsing.  There are so many to choose from.

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