Japan Trip Day 1

Hi this is Shuei.

We finally got to Japan last night. We wake up 3AM and hopped on a plane to LAX, then change plane from LAX to Tokyo-Narita.

We got there around 3PM Japanese time (mid night in mountain time) and get train tickets to my home town, Iwate.  First impression of Japan was HOT & HUMID. Just standing around at train station, Reo and I were sweating really bad.. (I am sorry if you are eating something right now).  Anyways, we hopped on 2 trains and got to my hometown around 9PM.

Here is my first meal at Shinkansen (Bullet Train).
















We are so excited about food in Japan!!

Thank you for reading!



Going to visit Japan in August

Hi, this is Shuei.

I will be visiting Japan for 2 weeks from today (August 6th).  I will be seeing my family, friends and a supplier.

Also, I am planning to visit whole bunch of retro video game shops in my hometown, Tokyo, and Osaka.

If you got some requests for a certain games, please let me know.  I will do my best to get them for you.

I will be taking my older son “REO” and he will be my assistant on this trip.

Here is my bucket list in Japan for this trip.

  • Eat Sushi at both “Kaiten Sushi” (conveyor belt) and Counter only Sushi restaurant.
  • Eat “YAKINIKU” Korean BBQ.
  • Eat real Japanese Ramen at Red Lantern Food Stand.
  • Eat Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki in small restaurant in Osaka.
  • Eat Nikuman (Pork filled steamed bun) at convenience store (This is request from my wife.)
  • Drink Japanese micro brewed beers.
  • Visit many different retro game shops and find new suppliers for business.
  • Visit Akihabara and shop some action figures.
  • Hop on Double Decker bus in Tokyo.
  • Sing off at Karaoke Box.
  • Party with my hometown friends.
  • Visit Hot Springs.
  • Buy new Dragon Quest XI (I’m bringing 3DS console to play as well).
  • Take a bunch of cool photos.

Well, list goes on but I should stop here. Basically, I miss Japanese food!!  I am very excited!!  I will try to upload a blog once a day (I will do my best) so come back again.

Now we are at the airport and my son Reo got hold of my 3DS (I hope he will give it back to me soon…).


Experiment #1: De-Yellowing RESULT

Hi this is Shuei.

Here is the result from de-yellowing experiment.

First photo is one from before experiment. As you can see most of consoles turns a lot whiter.

This is what I learned from this experiment.

  • SalonCare (solution) need to be applied much evenly to avoid blotchy spots.
  • SalonCare does get dry after a few hours and may need better humidifier system.
  • Result varies based on type of plastic (I think it is related to the amount of Bromine in the plastic.).
  • Time probably won’t matter once chemical reaction is over (leaving it on longer won’t help, I think.). Once chemical reaction is over, wash it down SalonCare and need to start process over.
  • It works but I need to be patient if I am looking for non-blotchy white result.

Anyways, this is good way to bring console’s whiteness back.  Be careful when you wash the solution out. You want to get rid of any leftover solution. Otherwise, your hands will get irritated (I promise).

Thank you for reading this!!








Experiment #1: De-Yellowing

Hi, this is Shuei.

Today I decided to take my time to do de-yellowing experiment.

As you may know this already, plastic of old console turns yellow over time.  This happens due to the chemical reaction. Plastic contains thing call BROMINE that reduce a plastic chance of catching fire.

This Bromine and Sunlight cause the chemical reaction that turns plastic yellow and brown. (Sorry, I am not a chemist and I might be totally wrong.)

Anyways, it is possible to reverse this chemical reaction by using UV light and some kind of chemicals. You can use Retr0bright (mixture of chemicals somebody came up with) which contains hydrogen peroxide and active oxygen laundry booster (such as Oxyclean). I heard that hair bleach called SalonCare 40 works as well so I used it for this experiment.

Here is what I got for this experiment.

  • Yellowed consoles (Original Gameboy console and Super Famicom Console)
  • Big Plastic Bin
  • Black light (for UV light)
  • SalonCare 40
  • Some ropes to tie Black light
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Paint Brush
  • Eye Protection and Mask
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Sponges

I experimented this before with Sun light but failed because SalonCare got dry. So this time I used blacklight with Aluminum Foil around bin to get equal exposure to UV light. Also, I put a few sponges in the bin as a humidifier purpose. I used a paint brush as well to apply it evenly. Last time it came out a little blotchy because solution wasn’t applied evenly. 

From my experience, this SalonCare solution is very hazardous (It will burn your skin) so I used rubber gloves, a mask, and eye protection to protect myself.  I recommend NOT to touch solution even when you wash it out. 

Anyways, everything is set and now UV light is on and lid is closed.

I will let you know the result tomorrow.

Discover Lost Treasure!

Discover Lost Treasures!

Hi, this is Shuei.  I am having really great day going through my random games.

The other day I purchased about 300~400 random retro games in Japan. Those games are from several sellers in Japan and they were sold without taking many photos (which means I didn’t know what I was getting at the time of purchase).  I was happy just to be able to buy many games in cheaper prices.  Anyways I was going through piles of games when I finally received in my office, and I was very surprised that there were so many games I had no idea they existed.

In Japanese prime age of gaming (in my opinion, 1990s when many game makers came up with game consoles such as Super Famicom, PC Engine, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, etc), many game makers contributed to produce so many games.  I just looked up the number of game titles released on each console online and here are some numbers (I am showing consoles I carry right now).

Total Number of Game Titles Released in Japan (Forgive me if number is slightly off)

Nintendo Famicom: 1053

Gameboy: 1240

Super Famicom: 1447

Nintendo 64: 208

Gamecube: 282

Sega Saturn: 1057

Dreamcast: 499

PlayStation: 3300

PlayStation 2: 2876

PC Engine: 650

Neo Geo: 214

Neo Geo CD: 97


This is very amazing that so many games are released. I totally understand there are many games that I never knew about them.  I feel like I am doing treasure hunting every day.  More so I am happy to provide lost treasures to your home.  Retro Games Japan has been growing every day and we will do our best to keep provide full of good games.  So join the ride and play some retro games.



RARE find!! Sega Saturn Movie Card

RARE Find!

This is RARE find. Movie Card for Sega Saturn. This card goes into the slot on back of the sega saturn (inside of back door of the console). The retail price for this card was 19800 Japanese Yen (It’s like $180 USD). This card will enhance CG movie during game play on certain games (only game CG was made by MPEG). Also, there is one game that you absolutely need this card (Lunar Silver Star Story MPEG version, I don’t know if it was worth it to pay extra $180 to play this game but..)This is just like PC’s graphics card (only it is super old school version.). There are several games that you can enjoy CG on high quality (in a sense of 90’s high quality.) If you are Saturn collector, you MUST have it. I only have one in stock so first come first serve.

It is Sold Out already. I will keep you updated if I find another one.

Truckload of shipment came in!!

Hi, this is Shuei.

Today was big day. Big load of stuff came in finally.

I chartered 20 feet container and it left Japan about a month ago. Finally it came into our office today.  There were about 300 big boxes needed to be unloaded (weighs over 7000 pounds total).  I would like to personally thank my employees for helping getting things done.

So we got,

  • Super Famicom consoles & controllers
  • Super Famicom Jr consoles
  • N64 Gold, Clear Blue, Clear Red consoles & controllers
  • Sega Saturn Gray and White consoles
  • Gamecube console & controllers
  • Original Gameboy consoles
  • Gameboy Color consoles

We are getting very low on consoles but we received a lot of consoles that probably last whole year or two.

We will be busy testing and listing those items for a while.

Please come back to our store in a couple days for newly arrived items.

If you are looking for wholesale items, please contact me for details. I may be able to give you a great deal.

Thank you for reading. See you next time.


How to repair Super Famicom Console (First thing you should try)

Hi, this is Shuei from Retro Games Japan.

Today’s topic is how to repair Super Famicom Console. I recorded a short video to show you how.

Well, this method works when your console power on but doesn’t read the game cartridge.  This doesn’t work when your console has distorted image, sound issue, or won’t power on at all.   I repaired so many consoles using this method so please check out the video.  Thank you!!

Is Japanese Retro Gaming Industry in Japan dead?

Hi, this is Shuei (pronounce like “Shoe – A”).

I want to talk about how is Japanese retro gaming industry.

Before I get into the subject, I want to tell youmy opinion about Japanese people.

In my opinion, Japanese people love “New” and “Trendy” stuff. Especially, Japanese people love to have things that other people want to have but harder to get. Continue reading “Is Japanese Retro Gaming Industry in Japan dead?”