DIY / How to’s

There are so many things you can DIY.

Here are some simple things that I want to share.

How to clean SFC/SNES (or FC/NES) cartridge connection (Light Cleaning).

This is first thing you should do if your SFC/SNES games won’t play.

How to clean SFC/SNES cartridge connection (Heavy Cleaning).

If light cleaning doesn’t work, you should try this. Also, by cleaning this method, your game should last a lot longer.


How to replace the backup battery of Sega Saturn Console

If you have to set date and time every time you power on the console, it is time to replace backup battery of your console. It is super easy by the way.


How to play Japanese N64 games on US N64 console (or vice versa)

Japanese N64 games doesn’t fit into your console? Don’t panic! It is easier than you think.

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