Japan Trip 2022 Day 4~8

Is inflation finally happening in Japan??
Hi, this is Shuei from Retro Games Japan. It’s been a while since the last post but I have been fighting with jet lag and severe allergies and haven’t been able to be too active.
Anyways, I have visited a few well known used video game / book stores in Japan. Thanks to all those years of buying and selling video games, I kind of understand video games’ market prices, especially ones I have sold in the past by looking at front labels without searching on the internet. It was 2019 last time I visited Japan but it seems like a lot of things have changed since last visit. Prices are totally way high compared to last time I visited. Of course I didn’t expect the prices to stay the same but it seems like it is happening more than I expected. I even saw some games are more expensive than prices at my store in US. Also, stores are shutting down rather opening up. Definitely retro game sales are moving to online. This trend will most likely continue and stores who can’t adjust to the online sales will most likely be weeded out eventually.
I started out as an online store and we will most likely continue to stay like that so that we can provide fair and competitive price for our customers.

Getting out of daily routines and seeing different things are really helping my brain. My journey in Japan continues…

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