Discover Lost Treasure!

Discover Lost Treasures!

Hi, this is Shuei.  I am having really great day going through my random games.

The other day I purchased about 300~400 random retro games in Japan. Those games are from several sellers in Japan and they were sold without taking many photos (which means I didn’t know what I was getting at the time of purchase).  I was happy just to be able to buy many games in cheaper prices.  Anyways I was going through piles of games when I finally received in my office, and I was very surprised that there were so many games I had no idea they existed.

In Japanese prime age of gaming (in my opinion, 1990s when many game makers came up with game consoles such as Super Famicom, PC Engine, Sega Saturn, PlayStation, etc), many game makers contributed to produce so many games.  I just looked up the number of game titles released on each console online and here are some numbers (I am showing consoles I carry right now).

Total Number of Game Titles Released in Japan (Forgive me if number is slightly off)

Nintendo Famicom: 1053

Gameboy: 1240

Super Famicom: 1447

Nintendo 64: 208

Gamecube: 282

Sega Saturn: 1057

Dreamcast: 499

PlayStation: 3300

PlayStation 2: 2876

PC Engine: 650

Neo Geo: 214

Neo Geo CD: 97


This is very amazing that so many games are released. I totally understand there are many games that I never knew about them.  I feel like I am doing treasure hunting every day.  More so I am happy to provide lost treasures to your home.  Retro Games Japan has been growing every day and we will do our best to keep provide full of good games.  So join the ride and play some retro games.



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