RARE find!! Sega Saturn Movie Card

RARE Find!

This is RARE find. Movie Card for Sega Saturn. This card goes into the slot on back of the sega saturn (inside of back door of the console). The retail price for this card was 19800 Japanese Yen (It’s like $180 USD). This card will enhance CG movie during game play on certain games (only game CG was made by MPEG). Also, there is one game that you absolutely need this card (Lunar Silver Star Story MPEG version, I don’t know if it was worth it to pay extra $180 to play this game but..)This is just like PC’s graphics card (only it is super old school version.). There are several games that you can enjoy CG on high quality (in a sense of 90’s high quality.) If you are Saturn collector, you MUST have it. I only have one in stock so first come first serve.  https://retrogamesjapan.com/shop/sega-saturn-ss/sega-saturn-movie-card-hss-0119-ss-b-2/

It is Sold Out already. I will keep you updated if I find another one.

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