Truckload of shipment came in!!

Hi, this is Shuei.

Today was big day. Big load of stuff came in finally.

I chartered 20 feet container and it left Japan about a month ago. Finally it came into our office today.  There were about 300 big boxes needed to be unloaded (weighs over 7000 pounds total).  I would like to personally thank my employees for helping getting things done.

So we got,

  • Super Famicom consoles & controllers
  • Super Famicom Jr consoles
  • N64 Gold, Clear Blue, Clear Red consoles & controllers
  • Sega Saturn Gray and White consoles
  • Gamecube console & controllers
  • Original Gameboy consoles
  • Gameboy Color consoles

We are getting very low on consoles but we received a lot of consoles that probably last whole year or two.

We will be busy testing and listing those items for a while.

Please come back to our store in a couple days for newly arrived items.

If you are looking for wholesale items, please contact me for details. I may be able to give you a great deal.

Thank you for reading. See you next time.


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