Lets’ Talk About Anime!

If any of you anime lovers out there love the mech suit animes Gun X Sword might be your thing.  The story starts with Vaughn, a nomadic loner, who is on a journey to find and kill a man he calls the Claw who has killed his lover.  He encounters a few individuals who have also had bad things happen to them by this man and they band together to find him.  They come to find out later on that the man they call the claw is a psycho supervillain who is hellbent on cleansing the earth of humanity and the race to stop his madness escalates exponentially.  Lots of light hearted humor in this anime as well as plenty of action packed scenes where Vaughn and adversaries in mech suits clash for dominance.  Definitely a must watch if you like those classic styled animes from the 80’s-early 90’s.

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