Gran Turismo review.

Hello everyone is me Lucas Again!. And today ill be doing a review on the first grand turismo. Grand turismo labels it self as “The real driving simulator” And it does its tittle well! The game was created in 1997 and designed by Yamauchi Kazunori.  Gran Turismo in my opinion one of the best racing games out there. Even though its old it still brought a lot to the table at the time. The engine sounds where pretty good and the time and the details of the car was pretty impressive. With its wide of tracks and car to chose from thats what made the game stand out. I first played it when i was around 14. my brother found his old ps2 laying around and bust it out and we took turns on Gran Turismo and thats when i fell in love with racing games. Ive played other “racing games” in the past like mario kart, gta, but i wouldn’t really count that as sim racing or even racing. like with mario kart its racing but but with real cars and with gta you could really only steal cars and drive them around. But gran turismo was so much fun. Personally i would rate the game 10/10 for the amazing gameplay and how fun it is to play with friends.

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