Yes, we are starting a blog!!

Hi, everybody. This is Shuei.

We have been very procrastinated about blogging but here we are.

We are finally doing it!!

In our blog, we will be talking about a lot of things from Japanese retro gaming (of course!), Japanese culture (Anime, food, drinking, etc), what’s happening in our office, lots of how to’s, and things that we love.

Please let me introduce myself if you don’t know me yet.

My name is Shuei and I am originally from Japan and living in the United States for about 12 years by now. I have an American wife and two children who both born in US. I love Japanese games and Anime and my favorite place to be is Akihabara, Tokyo. I love playing soccer and doing variety of activities outdoor (love living in Colorado). Also, I love drinking beer and Japanese Sake with my friends. I love eating as well and I really miss authentic Japanese food (I will be talking about a lot of Japanese food…).

Retro Games Japan is supported by a lot of people like you who love video games. We will do our best to introduce and share our passion. Please check it out our shop as well as our staff blog.

We really appreciate your comments and feedback.

P.S.  My English writing skill in not so great and you probably find a lot of misspells and wording mistakes but please take it easy on it…

Thank you and cheers to the world.

Photo taken in Tokyo, Japan. May 2016
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