21 Years of Mario Tennis

Happy Birthday to Mario Tennis. Today it has been 21 years since the debut in Japan. So feel free to buy it a drink. Mario tennis didn’t just give player a racket and call it good. With the release of Mario Party came one of my favorite bad guys Waluigi. Waluigi was created by Fumihide Aoki and is voiced by Charles Martinet. Did you love Waluigi as much as i did? This game had a impact on my video game life as i never knew i was a completionist until playing this game. I tried everything including my Game Shark to unlock these missing 4 characters. Little did i know that the only way to get these secret characters was to use my transfer pack along with Mario Tennis Color to get these. Were there any times in the retro days where you just gave up on trying to unlock something because the answer wasn’t intuitive?



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