Japan Exclusive Nintendo GameCube Spice Orange Console US Region or XENO Chip Mod

Introducing Japan Exclusive Nintendo GameCube Spice Orange Console

US Region or XENO Chip Mod

Hi everyone!!  We are proudly introducing our speciality products. That is Nintendo GameCube Japanese exclusive color console.  Color is Spice Orange color and this color was only released in Japan.  Also, we modded the console to two ways.

One is US Region mod.  This mod is changing GameCube region from Japan to US/Canada (North American).  Now the console can play US released games (It usually says NTSC-U/C). This console only plays US games and no longer plays Japanese region games.  This modded console is recommended for people who most likely only play US region games.  We do have basic color US region modded consoles as well (Jet Black, Platinum Silver, Indigo Purple)

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The other mod is  XENO Chip mod.  This mod makes the console region free.  That means the console will now play Japanese, North American, PAL region, and even backup games.  Also, console’s menu is switched to English so you will not see any Japanese language while going through console menu.  This mod takes a lot more work than US region mod so it is a little more costly but if you can explore possibilities of the GameCube world, this XENO Chip modded console is absolutely recommended.  Many US released games are getting very pricy but Japanese games are still very affordable so just for that reason, this console is worth it.  Please check them out!!

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One more good news buying from us!!  We will offer 60 days extended warranty on this console just because we are very proud of what we sell. In fact, we take them apart and replace a capacitor that is related to the laser unit, and also we adjust the laser strength. In addition, we conduct 10+ minutes test to make sure it is in working condition (Note: A lot of consoles without capacitor replacement and/or laser adjustment fail during 10 minutes test.).

Please purchase with the confidence!!

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