How to Play Japanese N64 games on US N64 console (or Vise Versa)

Tools you need

– 3.8mm Security Screwdriver


A lot of people don’t know how but this is very simple and easy way.

Nintendo is very well-known company to add “region restriction” to their game system. On Nintendo 64, the shape of the back part of cartridge and the shape of inside game slot is different.  However, actual console mechanics is the same.

Simply all you need to do is either to change the back part of the game cartridge or to remove game slot’s plastic region restriction tabs.

I will show you how to exchange back part of cartridge here.  I think this way is the easiest.

First take a look at the difference between Japanese and US cartridges.


Next only tool you need is 3.8mm security screw bit.


Different view


Now, unscrew all screws of the cartridge.  (counterclockwise)

Be very careful on the direction of unscrewing.  Screws can be almost 20 years old and can be very fragile.

You don’t want to strip head of screws! It is extremely hard to remove stripped screws (Talking from my experience…).



Then, remove back part of the cartridge.

Simply lift up the part where screw is attached and slide it down to the bottom (where you see gold plated connection) of the cartridge.



All you need to do now is exchange the back part of the cartridge.

Now it’s ready to play.

I carry 3.8mm security bit as well as 4.5mm bit.  4.5mm bit is for console screws.

3.8mm & 4.5mm Set of 2 Steel Security Screw Driver Bit


Thanks for watching!!