How to clean SFC/SNES/N64/FC/NES cartridge connection Part1 (Light Cleaning)

Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) games are almost 20 years old (as well as other old systems’ games) and can be not in working condition.

Most of the case, it is due to rusted or dirty connection.  Once you clean the connection, those old cartridge can be back to life.

I will show you how to clean the connection here.  This is for light cleaning and I will show you how to clean heavily rusty or dirty connection later.

Tools (or things) you need are,

– Q tips (cotton swabs)

– Rubbing Alcohol

– Non-working game cartridge



_MG_1187I use 70% rubbing alcohol but there is much higher concentrated rubbing alcohol (such as 97 %) out there.

Some people say concentrated one is better since it contains less water to prevent future rust.

I use 70% one just because I wipe it up very well after cleaning.

Next, soak Q-tip into rubbing alcohol and scrub the connection with soaked Q-tip.



_MG_1197You may need to scrub it hard until dirty spots are gone.

After dirty spots are gone, wipe all wet areas using dry Q-tips. Alcohol will evaporate very quickly but you want to make sure there is no wet spots.  Wet connection can cause electric leakage and break your console.

Now, make sure the connection is all dry and try power it on.

If it works again, cleaning is done!

If it doesn’t work, repeat cleaning with more scrubbing time.

If it still doesn’t work, please see cleaning for heavily rusty and dirty cartridge.

How to clean SFC/SNES cartridge connection Part2 (Heavy Cleaning)

Thank you for looking.

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